Avon and Bristol Short Play Festival

held on Friday 2nd - Saturday 3rd July 2021




St Alban's Players   -   On Scarborough Front    by Stuart Fortey


Actonians Drama Group   -   Syrinx        by Kate Mosse


Journeyman Theatre Productions  -  Life in the Cloud  by Tony Domaille

Hen's Teeth Productions   -   Waiting in Vain    by Gill Cowan

Actonians Drama Group -  Lockdown in Little Grimley   by David Tristram


St Alban's Players   -   On Scarborough Front

Runners Up

Actonians Drama Group   -   Syrinx

Both went through to the Western Area Final at the Merlin Theatre Frome on 17 July

Other Awards

Most promising youth performance          Bertie Woodward   Actonians

Technical Award                                            St Alban's Players

Costume Award                                            St Alban's Players

Best Original Play                                          Life in the Cloud   by Tony Domaille

Best Supporting Performance                     Ian Comes             Journeyman Theatre Productions

Best Actress                                                   Sarah Wiggins      Journeyman Theatre Productions

Best Actor                                                      Mike Haslett          St Alban's Players

Best Director                                                 Barbara Crass        St Alban's Players

Adjudicator's Award                                     Sue Anstey            Actonians - Direction 


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