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- The 2019 Festival - 


Wednesday 13th - Friday 15th February 2019

at The Olympus Theatre, WISE Campus, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8LP 


Adjudicator - Jan Palmer Sayer, GoDA


1st Place Trophy                                St Alban's Players  -  "Holding On" by Barbara Crass
2nd Place                                            Mismatch Theatre  - " Yes, We'll Put the Chairs Back"  by Ian Carter  
3rd Place                                             Oldland Players  -   " Someone from Assissi" by  Thornton Wilder
Best Director                                      Barbara Crass & Gill Cowan  -   St Alban's Players                                     
Best Actor                                           Arthur Barker  -   Open For Theatre                          
Best Actress                                        Kit Muffett   -   Oldland Players    
Best Supporting Actor                       Daniel Penfold  -   St Alban's Players
Best Supporting Actress                    Aylin Oktem-Williamson  -   St Alban's Players          
Most Promising Youth Performance    Abigail Cowan  -   St Alban's Players
Moment of Theatre Award                Mismatch Theatre                     
Decor Award                                       Oldland Players                                    
Costume Award                                  Oldland Players                                                         
Best Original Play                               "Holding On" by Barbara Crass                                                 
Adjudicator's choice                           Mismatch Theatre
Audience Choice                                 Mismatch Theatre




The Oldland Players 
Mismatch Theatre
St Alban's Players
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