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Wednesday 19th - Saturday 22nd February 2020

 The Olympus Theatre, WISE Campus, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8LP



1st Place Trophy                                Mismatch Theatre - "Bloomers" by Daisy Kennedy*
2nd Place                                            Transparent Theatre - "The Halfling Laws" by Axel Carlsson*
3rd Place                                             Oldland Players  - " Beyond The White Noise" by  Steven A. Shapiro
Winning Youth Group                        St  Alban's Players Juniors  "The Meadow" by Michael Soetaert 
Best Director                                      The Ensemble  -   Mismatch Theatre                                   
Best Actor                                           Jordan Danells  -   Transparent Theatre                          
Best Actress                                        Eleanor Jones   -   Mismatch Theatre   
Best Supporting Actor                       Richard Cottle  -   Sodbury Players
Best Supporting Actress                    Catherine Libby  -   Transparent Theatre         
Most Promising Youth Performance   Cosmo Kay  -   St Alban's Players Juniors
Moment of Theatre Award                Mismatch Theatre                     
Decor Award                                       Oldland Players  (Beyond the White Noise)                                   
Costume Award                                  St Alban's Players Juniors  
Best Original Play                               "Bloomers" by Daisy Kennedy                                                 
Adjudicator's choice                           Open for Theatre - "Stoolie" by Kaine Wainwright*
The Audience Award - a bottle of Champagne - went to Mismatch Theatre for "Bloomers"
* original play
1st Place    Mismatch Theatre
2nd Place    Transparent Theatre
St Alban's Players Juniors Winning Youth Group
Adjudicator's Award  Open For Theatre
Best Supporting Actress  Catherine Libby
3rd Place    Oldland Players
Best Supporting Actor      Richard Cottle
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