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Thursday 10th - Saturday 12th February 2022

 Olympus Theatre, WISE Campus, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8LP 



1st Place Trophy                                Wulf & Eadwacer Theatre  - "Hug Me in Paradise" by William Groucutt*
2nd Place                                            Oldland Players - "The Dreaming" by Richard James
3rd Place                                             Oldland Players  - "More Sinned Against Than Sinning?" by Liz Dobson
Winning Youth Group                        St  Alban's Players Youth  "A Cut in the Rates" by Alan Ayckbourn
Best Director                                      Seb Watkins  -   Wulf & Eadwacer Theatre                                   
Best Actor                                           William Groucutt & Matthew Neligan (joint) - Wulf & Eadwacer Theatre                  Best Actress                                        Tora Eadie  -   Hen's Teeth Productions   
Best Supporting Actor                       Dominic O'Connor  -   Baz Jellicoe
Best Supporting Actress                    Vikie Meachin  -   Oldland Players         
Most Promising Youth Performance   Freya Warren   -   St Alban's Players Youth
Moment of Theatre Award                Oldland Players                     
Decor Award                                       Oldland Players  (The Dreaming)                                   
Costume Award                                  St Alban's Players Youth  
Best Original Play                               "Hug Me in Paradise" by William Groucutt                                                
Adjudicator's choice                           Simon Shorrock - Kelvin Players
The Audience Award - a bottle of Champagne - went to St  Alban's Players Youth  "A Cut in the Rates"
* original play


2022 programme


Thursday 10 February


1.  St Alban's Players' Youth present  "A Cut in the Rates" by Alan Ayckbourn


2.  Kelvin Players Theatre Company presents "Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka

adapted by Ben Hales and Kerry Frampton


3.  Winterbourne/Court Players  present "Anger Management" by Robert Scott 


Friday 11th February 

1.  The Oldland Players present  "More Sinned Against Than Sinning?" by Liz Dobson


2.  Baz Jellicoe Productions present "Hutch"  by John Reynolds

3.  The Oldland Players present "The Dreaming" by Richard James


Saturday 12th February      


       1.  Hen's Teeth Productions present "Love You More" an original play by Gill Cowan


2.  Wulf & Eadwacer Theatre presents" Hug Me in Paradise " an original play by William Groucutt


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